Application, Design & Specification Assistance

At Continental Blower, we are fully prepared to support your design needs. Our experienced application personnel can help with selecting and sizing blowers and exhausters for your specific project. Simply engage us where you most need our value and we'll deliver!


Application Assistance

Continental Blower takes the potentially costly and time-consuming guess work out of choosing the right type of blower or exhauster for your application. Informed by decades of experience across an array of industries and applications, our insights at this stage answer such questions as:

  • Which size blower makes sense, given your target PSI and CFM requirements?
  • Is more than one unit required, relative to the workload or maximum required capacity?
  • Is a multistage or single stage solution best, considering your project budget and ROI goals and timeline?
  • What sort of control system is optimal for your application and for your operational requirements (e.g. staff size, monitoring requirements, preventive maintenance needs, etc.)?

Design & Specification Assistance

Whether the project entails a new construction, capacity expansion, or retrofit, Continental Blower's application and engineering team is armed with a wide array of tools to support your project design needs. Continental Blower can provide performance data, dimensional drawings, P&IDs, project specifications, control system recommendations, etc.

Sample Specifications.