Our Experience

Our experience ensures you have a positive experience.

Continental Blower has over 150 years of in-house, combined blower experience across many different industries and applications. Differentiating us from our competitors, our team has deep technical and application knowledge -- and sales support experience -- related to both multistage centrifugal and single-stage, integrally geared turbo technology. From the earliest design stages, to best-practice manufacturing, to commissioning and field support that lasts long after the sale, our vertically integrated team remains dedicated to matching your specifications, making your project a success, and surpassing your expectations for service.   


Sales Support

Continental Blower is represented by experienced, vetted, and intensely commitment sales representatives: Hand-picked by our management team for their knowledge of applications, geographic reach, and reputation -- this network is accessible to customers across the U.S. and Canada. We also have an inside sales and applications team to support our rep network and our direct, OEM customers.  


Design & Application Support

Customers requiring design and applications assistance from us are assured of exactly that. Located at Continental Blower headquarters, solution-oriented, and ready to collaborate with you to develop a solution that fits your unique circumstances and specifictions -- our engineering team is experienced and well-equipped to support you with advanced drafting tools, system-design software, model specifications to speed development, and a library of performance-modeling tools, performance-tests, and drawings to make quick, accurate work of your project's design phase.


World Class Manufacturing

Continental Blower is a true vertically oriented company. From closely controlling and monitoring the quality of our raw materials and procured components based on stringent, vender quality standards; to precision bending, cutting, machining, shaping, and assembly employing state-of-the-art infrastructure; to strict adherence to current continuous improvement and quality inspection standards and practices... Continental Blower is a best-in-class supplier in our industry. 


Assembly & Accessories

We know our blowers and exhausters must run reliably, constantly, and flawlessly in your facility. That's why -- in addition to manufacturing the to rigorous quality standards and exact specifications -- we also support them (and you!) with a stock of ready-to-ship replacement parts and off-the-shelf accessories and kits. Combined, these aftermarket solutions simplify maintenance, lower your lifetime cost of operation, and help you conduct preventive maintenance.



Whether you need us to drop-ship to your jobsite, to your own facility, or to a motor shop where you're having service or repairs done to one our our blowers -- Continental Blower is ready to safely, speedily, and cost-efficiently ship what you want, where you want it, and when you need it... Across North America or, indeed, anywhere in the world.


Start-up & Commisioning

Our headquarters engineering team and your local Continental Blower rep will be fully accessible during this important step – to ensure our equipment is powered-up and commissioned properly.


Post-Installation Field Support, Parts & Service

No one knows better, or appreciates more fully, how critical the continuous and flawless operation of your Continental Blower system is to your facility. Simply put, downtime is unacceptable. That's why – in addition to stocking and quick-shipping any part of you might need – we are equally ready to help you troubleshoot any equipment or system issues that may arise. Call (315) 451-5410 or email us at sales@continentalblower.com with your question or issue, and we or your assigned Rep will respond within one business day.