Landfill & Biogas

Landfill & Biogas Flyer

Continental Blower technology is hard at work at over 40,000 installations worldwide, including many of North America’s landfills, coal mines, and waste to energy facilities. Meticulously engineered and constructed to endure constant operation in harsh environments, our reliable and durable equipment delivers unwavering performance in these settings, day after day, year after year. Key characteristics include:

  • variable airflow design from 100 SCFM to 10,000 SCFM, achieved by Continental Blower’s multistage centrifugal technology
  • special shaft seal designs and spark-proof construction incorporating cast-aluminum alloy impellers and aluminum coupling guards
  • high durability achieved through features like Heresite® phenolic coating on cast iron parts and stainless steel condensate drain piping and valves to resist corrosion

Count on Continental Blower to efficiently, effectively and safely extract or recover even the most volatile gases from any operation.

Continental Blowers are the smart choice for:

  • Methane extraction or recovery systems at municipal and private landfills
  • Soil vapor extraction of VOCs from contaminated sites
  • Gas boosters for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, propane, natural gas, digester gas and many others
  • Coal mine venting in the removal of explosive gases from active mines